Rent the Lodge Hall

Lodge Room

Located at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave and 4th St. Southeast on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, The Naval Masonic Lodge Hall
is your perfect choice for:

• Fundraisers
• Meetings
• Briefings
• and more


Amenities at Naval Masonic Lodge Hall include….

Group or Individual Rentals Welcome

Available for corporate or individual rentals, The Naval Masonic Lodge Hall’s accommodations suit many personal preferences and business needs.  Open seven days a week, the hall offers wireless Internet access, and a projector and screen are also available for use by our guests.  The facility also includes a smaller banquet room and a small kitchen.

The banquet room provides the seating necessary for up to fifty guests, while the main banquet hall comfortably holds up to one hundred.  Flexible seating arrangements are available to provide a unique atmosphere.


For more information on how The Naval Masonic Lodge Hall can accommodate your events, or to book your next event, please contact:


330 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E.
Washington DC 20003